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How To Change Your Beliefs, Move Past The Struggle & Finally Thrive As An Online Entrepreneur!

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Growing a successful business always begins from the inside-out!

"It is your mindset, your beliefs, and your identity that ultimately determines your success or struggle as a female entrepreneur."

A daily journaling practice is one of the most powerful ways you can create this internal shift you feel more confident, clear, focused and on fire as you build your business empire!


  • Get access to a vault of fabulous, free journaling prompts you can dive into at will.
  • Create the clarity & certainty you need to take inspired action to grow your buisness.
  • Discover how your mindset is the key to tapping into the Power & Potential you already have within you & how to unleash it into the world.
  • Learn how to re-code yourself from the inside-out, so that the visibility, marketing and sales in your business can all happen from a place of greater alignment and ease.

Creating my own simple journaling practice was the secret to me finally getting 'out of my own way' to build the business of my DREAMS!

It helped me to let go of the struggle, the doubt, the procrastination and instead get crystal clear, focused and ferociously determined to create the results I desired.

Growing an aligned business, where you do what you LOVE, make a gorgeous IMPACT and a fabulous INCOME to match it is ALL about who you are BEING and action flowing from that!

  • Finally leave behind the procrastination, the doubt, the overwhelm that has previously held you back.  
  • Let go of that 'waiting to feel ready' and instead activate your higher self NOW to feel confident, clear and achieve the results you desire.  
  • Embrace and activate the energy, the freedom, the connection, the authentic leadership that ALL lies within you now!



  • You have a business you put your heart and soul into and your ready to see the results and receive more richly for the work you do.  
  • You know you're great at what you do, but you still struggle with marketing yourself and your business.
  • You’ve had enough of all the ‘busyness’ falling into the ‘shoulds’ feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel, instead know its time to receive with more ease from soul alignment.  
  • You feel that pull, the energy rising inside of you and you know you’re ready for so much more - more freedom, more income, more connection, doing your purpose work!  


Claire Macpherson is a mindset and business growth coach for purpose-driven women wanting to grow a business they feel passionate about. 

Over the past ten years, as a coach, speaker and trainer, Claire has helped thousands of women take the first steps in making their businesses a successful reality supporting them both with the mindset and strategy to hit their first five-figure months and beyond. Claire’s philosophy is “soul before strategy” meaning that when we show up authentically, share from our soul, and really embrace our gifts, talents and journey in our business we magnetically attract ideal clients to us. 

For Claire, having a business that feels fun, fabulous and freeing is key and in this energy, she helps women unleash their uniqueness, create a powerful message and get visible for those soul clients who need them.